Headquartered in the city of Barra Mansa, in the State of Rio de Janeiro, and strategically located between the States of Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Minas Gerais, Fixxar do Brasilprovides several solutions in services, goods and projects in accordance with the necessity of your Company.

It also accounts on support bases in Rio Grande do Sul, Macaé, Espírito Santo and Maranhão, providing specialized services in heat treatment, pre and post heating for off-shore rigs, refineries, as well as oil & gas energy, civil works and shipbuilding industries in Brazil and abroad.


    Our purpose is surpassing the expectations, ensuring the quality, safety and competitive costs in the market.
    We develop solutions in services and products, in accordance with the project and within the highest standards of quality and technical standards, attending the costumer’s demand.


    The success of our customers is the key for our own success.

    Qualification, Quality, Safety and Partnership.

    We are always engaged in providing the high quality services, working next to our customers and understanding the necessities of the market of products, machines, equipment for the industry of goods and services, in accordance with the most rigorous standards of quality.


    At Fixxar, we plan in a long-term basis to reach the best results for our Company, our customers and our environment.